Debt Recovery

A creditor can recover debt in a number of ways, including a formal default notice, a letter of demand, the engagement of a debt collector or commencing court proceedings. Most outstanding debts are collected without going to court. Our success based fees in Debt Recovery ensure you only have to pay for what is recovered with no upfront fees.

When debtors look like they are having difficulty with paying their debts to you, the sooner you act the more likely you are to recover your monies. Here at Phillips Partners, we are often able to recover the debt without ever going to court, but if we do issue court proceedings, the costs and time involved are much less than you think.

Also you have to take into account when dealing with a debtor that cannot or will not pay, whether it is worthwhile to pursue the matter. It is often the case that the costs of recovering the money through debt collectors and/or law courts outweighs the possible benefits you might gain if the debtor pays up finally.

Phillips Partners can assist you at all stages of the debt recovery process, including:

  • drafting or responding to letters of demand;
  • initiating or defending debt collection matters in court;
  • managing the statutory demand process.

We have an expert team of certified accountants with a broad range of experience with debt recovery matters. We offer fixed fees with no upfront fees and use technology to provide our clients with a cost-effective option for recovering money owed to you.

If you need the services of a debt recovery accountant in Australia, contact Phillips Partners today via our contact us page.

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